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Jason Sandler is the Top Speaker you need to get positive shifts from your staff! 

Jason specialises in 
                        o Self Improvement
                        o Stress Management
                        o Customer Satisfaction and Service 
Some great questions you may have that you would like to ask him are:

· What is your background that makes you an expert in these subjects? 
                o Jason has been working with people for over 28 years. He has been involved in training staff and empowering people most of his life.
                o Jason not only has the experience but the qualifications to back this up. He has worked in a large amount of restaurants and hotels both in the kitchen and front of house. Jason has owned 4 successful businesses in the hospitality industry. Since 2002 he has been doing training and helping people and businesses to help them unlock their full potential. He has worked with companies and individuals from all walks of life, ranging from athletes to business owners to cleaning staff.

- What qualifications does he have?
                o Jason Has a Diploma in Counselling and Coaching; he is also a Certified Hypnotherapist and has his NLP Masters. On another aspect he is also a qualified Cordon Bleu Chef.

· What is the reason we have so much stress?
                o In the world we live in today we are expected to always be available 24/7. Ask yourself how many people do you know that don't have mobile phones? We expect to be able to get hold of people easily and effortlessly these days. This is exceptionally tiring and we seem to never allow ourselves to have a "timeout" this causes us to overwork and we begin to confuse our priorities. these are the things that lead to higher levels of stress than our parents had. When a company has me come in to work with the staff it has been proven that the more relaxed and stress free the staff are the better it is for the business. Stress is one of the most common reasons for sick leave within the workforce.

· Tell me more about Self Improvement
                o One of the biggest issues we have is that we often don't have enough faith or confidence in ourselves. I help people to improve the way they see and feel about who they are by looking at 4 different yet linked aspects, namely Self Confidence; Self Esteem; Self Worth and Self Respect. when you are able to increase the way that you feel about all these you will automatically improve every aspect of your life. In business this translates into happier more proactive and productive staff.

· So many people offer customer satisfaction workshops, the cliche "customer is king".
Whats different about your offering?
                o Jason has tailored his workshop specifically at the Hotel and Restaurant industry and even more specifically on the front of house. This is an area that he knows very well as he has been in the industry for over 2 decades, having trained many staff in his own establishments. This means that he is bringing many years of hands on experience into the training. As a published author, his 1st book deals exclusively with this subject that he is an authority on.

· So Jason has the qualifications and the experience, but can he do a presentation or workshop?
                o Jason is a highly decorated Toastmaster, having achieved his Distinguished Toastmasters award (the highest award in Toastmasters International). Jason is also an award winning presenter who is a member of the Professional Speakers Association of South Africa. He is registered with the SAQA (SA Qualifications Authority) as a Facilitator; Assessor and Moderator.

· Back to what Jason offers; how does what he has to offer work?
                o Jason offers all three of his subjects on 5 different levels. They are presented as a Keynote; 1/2 day Workshop; 1 day Workshop; a 3 month Mentoring Program and as one on one session.

· So which is best?
                o I would all depend on what the company is looking for. I would begin by having a meeting with the company to find out what they are wanting to achieve and doing a free assessment for them. Once we have analysed this information, I put a proposal together taking what the company are wanting and needing to take them and their staff to the next level.

· What would the benefit of all this be?
                o Even a company that tells you that they are more focused on the service or the product than on making money, must still want and need to turn a profit. It is a fact that the key element of every businesses success is the staff. Every workshop, keynote and mentoring program I run, my goal is to empower the people who are my audience. Happy and content staff will work harder and be more productive. Job satisfaction leads to more motivated staff and more motivated staff leads to a far better bottom line for the business.


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