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Passionate Presentations that are Results Driven

A group of my colleagues and I recently completed a 6 month training program on leadership. The 6th and final assignment was for us to do a presentation to the Board of Directors and a panel of adjudicators. No one in the group had any real experience in public speaking , nor were we very confident of our ability to do so.

I contacted Jason for help. Jason set up 2 training sessions for us to learn the "technical" aspects of public speaking and to perform the actual delivery. Of the 17 candidates , 9 attended the 1st session and 5 attended the 2nd session. 

On the day, you could see a marked difference between the group who completed the 2nd session and those who only did the first session. The biggest difference of course was between those who did and those who did not partake in the training.

The Board and adjudicators were nothing short of blown away! Comments ranged from "best prepared" to "strongest group" to "never seen such a display of confidence on this program".

This was really a great note on which to complete the program.

Thanks Jason for equipping us with the skills and confidence to fly through what was the hardest part of the program.


James Siddle

Dealer Principal. Associated Motor Holdings. Imperial Group

Feedback from when Jason was training restaurant staff: “I wish to commend your staff at Kuipers Restaurant. Our host Jason Sandler ensured that all members had a memorable evening.” - Mr EJ von Brandis, MPP Western Cape Provincial Parliament .

Feedback from a few of the attendees in Jason’s mentorship program:

“I wish we could get more of your lessons and the time was longer than 6 months” - Nikiwe Madalane,

“Jason is an awesome individual. he is very knowledgeable and has so much to offer. i am eternally grateful for what he has taught me” - Liesl Bennet,

“He is as real as can be. an excellent leader; brings out the the best of each individual” - Arlene C Bredeveldt,

“i enjoyed the interactiveness of his course as well as very lively and informative” - Carol-Ann Courtis,

“I really enjoyed getting advice from someone like Jason who had hands on experience about all the challenges in the industry. The classes were fun and full of excitement while still giving extensive knowledge and skills” - Jacinta Adonis,

“Jason was wonderful and crazy sometimes, he really knows his work” - Lydia Masoleng,

“Jason’s an easily approachable lecturer - disciplines - well prepared - goes beyond whats required” - Benita Cyster.

Feedback from some keynotes that Jason has presented:

"thank you so much for presenting to us and inspiring us to face our challenges with a positive attitude” - Ulrike (arthritis Support Group).

“Thank you for inspiring us all at our conference, incredible and enjoyed by all” - Laura Heathfield (Rotaract Wynberg).

“thank you for addressing our sports captains and sharing your knowledge with us” - Westerford High School Sports Portfolio.


Thank you for joing out news letter. Have a great day, Jason


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