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Never wear cement shoes when you go swimming

It really worries me when I hear how many people admit to being under high levels of stress and yet instead of them choosing to do something about it, they wear it as a badge of honor.

Stress is one of the biggest causes of premature death in todays world and the sad thing is it is avoidable.

Never wear cement shoes when you go swimming is all about stress management.
A study done in the USA in 2012 found that stress is the main cause for 60-80% of all industrial accidents. This study also shows that stress related illness causes the loss of 1000's of work hours a month.

As a human being we will not separate our work and personal stress. Without the appropriate tools we are not actually able to "leave our personal issues at the door when we go to work".

I will save your company R1000's a month in productivity.

I will teach you and all levels of staff the most effective tools to help control and manage all stress levels, even those brought to work from home.

If you are empowered with the correct tools any action is made far easier, and when over and above that you are taught what to do and how to do it, just imagine what you can do for yourself and your staff?

Never wear cement shoes when you go swimming has been designed to be able to present in 3 different formats.
It can be a keynote presentation, a one day workshop or a 3 month mentoring program.
The workshop and the mentoring program are both highly interactive while at the same time empowering the participant to learn new stress busting management techniques.

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