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Becoming the Giraffe

We’ve all either said it or heard it “ the foods not bad at that  place but the service is awful!”

It’s time for you to empower your front of house staff by training them to be the best waiters that they could possibly be.
Becoming the Giraffe- rising head and shoulders above the rest, will make your business even more successful.

Your waiters will earn higher tips and they will sell more for you - it’s a fact motivated, positive, trained staff will ALWAYS do better.

Becoming the Giraffe is perfect for all restaurants and  hotels.

It does not matter if your establishment is a silver service restaurant or a family buffet the training that I provide is relevant.

As the author of the book by the same name I am an authority on the subject of hospitality service training and I will teach you and your staff to stand out above the rest, making you more money and greatly improve your reputation!

Becoming the Giraffe can be presented as a keynote where I touch on many of the aspects required or as a 2 day workshop which will include practical exercises.
It is also offered as a 3 month mentoring program where   the most profound positive results will occur.

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